Our work here at ANCORA Letterpress all has one thing in common – beauty. We believe that our work stands out because of our passion and dedication to both the process and the end result. Here are a few examples of recent projects, with a bit of background to give you an idea of what goes into a final piece.


This group wanted a logo and coaster to commemorate their Annual weekend away in the woods. ANCORA put together a simple yet cohesive design that would work well alone -which they used on a t shirt- and on a circular coaster. The feel was to be rustic and utilitarian, so we chose a blotter board coaster paper. This type of paper is inexpensive, but does the job. It doesn’t hold an incredibly deep impression like a cotton paper would, but for the end use, that would not have been the right choice.


beekeeping business, Cascadia Apiary Supply, needed an image and card that would stand out and work as contact information. We began by creating a drawing of a bee, which was then turned into a hand carved linoleum cut. Once the print was made, we scanned that image, shrunk it down, and turned it into a photopolymer plate, which is the type of plate we use for letterpress. The backside of the piece is contact information for the Company. The paper we chose is a smooth, heavy cotton paper in a Natural White tone. A textured paper would not have been a good choice, as the bee image would not have printed with crisp lines. The end piece fits perfectly into a matching A2 size envelope for mailings. 


After sitting down with the bride and reviewing the wedding theme and place, we came up with this romantic and enduring design. This took a few revisions before finalizing. The bride chose 100% cotton paper in an off white color. The paper choice allowed us to make a nice impression into the paper. Matching envelopes had a handmade brown envelope liner, as a way to incorporate another wedding color into the invitations. 


These luxurious notecards were printed on 220# double thick cotton paper, sized to fit into a matching A2 envelope. The typeface chosen by the client fit the elegant look she was looking for.