It all starts with one conversation.

When you choose ANCORA, you can be sure that the relationship between us matters just as much as your final project will.

The first thing we will do is discuss your project and timeline. Once we go over what you need, I will then provide you with a cost Estimate.

We will then move on to the design.  ANCORA can work with you on a design for your project, refer you to a recommended graphic designer, or you can provide us with your own design. If ANCORA is designing a piece for you, we will go through revisions via digital proofing until there is a finalized approval. We cannot provide you with a letterpress printed proof, as we would need to order plates and paper in order to that, which would become both time and cost prohibitive. Once the design and estimate are approved, you will sign off on the proofs, send those back, along with a 50% deposit.

We will then order the plates, paper, and ink as needed. We will also order any dies for die cutting at this time.

As soon as we receive all of the materials, we will begin to produce your project! Typical turn around time after final approval is 8-10 business days. RUSH options are available, depending on the time of year and current production schedule. We do our absolute best to accommodate tight schedules.

As much as I believe MOST EVERYTHING would look better in letterpress, the truth is that some things won’t.  Letterpress printing is a time intensive and oftentimes finicky printing process, and some designs simply would not look their best with our method. If that is the case, we can discuss and recommend another printing process that would be better suited, or alternatively, we can talk about tweeking the design to make it letterpress friendly. I am happy to discuss the limitations of the process, should that be a concern for your project!

When your project is on press, you can come by to conduct what is known as a Press Check. This means you will come take a peak at your project before the entire print run is completed, to assure that the ink color and paper all look as you anticipate. If you’d like to conduct a Press Check, please ask us about how that works.

Once completed, you will be notified, and we can ship or be available for a pick up at our location. The remainder of the invoice (50%) is due at the time your project is completed.

We look forward to working with you!