The Beauty of Holiday Designs

Photo shows a 6 inch diecut circle with the words FA LA LA printed in teal, down a row. There is a blind deboss to the left and right of the word, featuring the same text.

The Beauty of Holiday Designs

Circle Holiday Card

This was a really fun project to design and produce! This oversized (6 inch) circular holiday card was printed on medical grade blotter paper, which has a surprisingly beautiful texture.
We chose this paper to reference the pillowy snow of a Northeast Winter. The text, FA LA LA, was printed in a light teal, with the deep deboss on the letters to the right and left of the main text. We then diecut the shape on our second press for that final circular shape.

Letterpress printing shines when you wish to use thick, textured paper that feels good in the hand. The printing itself can go deep into the paper, like a footprint in sand.

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